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Certified Organic Seaweed Meal


100% Irish Seaweed

Naturally packed with vitamins and minerals especially iodine.


Feeding Guide

Add approximately 2 teaspoons per day.  Introduce gradually when using for the first time.

Analytical Constituents: Pure Ascophyllum nosodum. Energy 285 kcal per 100g, Dry Matter 88.0g (of which Crude Ash 17.5g), Protein 5.5g, Fat 3.0g, Carbs 62.0g (of which Crude Fibres 5.0g, Alginates 30.0g, Fucoidans 22.5g, Laminarins 3.0g, Mannitol 5.0g), Baron (B) 7mg, Calcium (Ca) 1300mg, Copper (Cu) 0.1mg, Iodine (I) 54mg, Iron (Fe) 25mg, Magnesium (Mg) 710mg, Manganese (Mn) 3mg, Phosphorus (P) 88mg, Potassium (K) 2270mg, Sodium (Na) 1850mg, Zinc (Zn) 3mg, Vitamin B1 0.05mg, Vitamin B2 0.03mg, Vitamin B3 0.05mg, Total Folate (Vitamin B9) 0.06mg, Vitamin E 9mg.

Organic Seaweed Meal 250g (Kelp) 100% Irish

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