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Natural Chews

K9 Instinct natural chews are hand picked for their top quality, we only want the best for Britain's best pets! Our natural chews are healthy and packed with their natural nutritional benefits ready to be enjoyed at the tear of a packet. They come with luxury sleek packaging making it desirable to not only the dog but the owner. Here at K9 Instinct our products are affordable and we offer great margin to our stockist.

Training Treats

Training treats are the tool to your dog's mind, which is why it's important to choose the right ones. K9 Instinct training treats are formulated with value and engagement in mind, which keeps our canine customers back for more. K9 Instinct is the household name that is trusted amongst pet owners knowing they're not compromising their dogs nutrition for training.


Food Supplements

K9 Instinct organic supplements are natural and holistic break in the market for canine health. Whether your customers feed raw or a dried diet our supplements offer their natural organic power to help tackle our furry friends problems at the core. Affordable and proven, our growing selection of supplements, not only offer solution to our pets but also to our stockists levelling up your business by being a one stop shop for your customers and their dogs needs.

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